The new EnOcean roller shutter module has joined NodOn range, allowing you to turn all your motorized shutters (roller shutters, awnings, roller blinds, etc) connected and automatically or remotely controllable. You wish to centralize the control of the roller shutters of a house, a building? This product is made for you!

Find out how to install it in complete safety behind the wall switch which control your motorized shutter.

To realize this installation, you need:

  • a flat screwdriver
  • a multimeter
  • a wire cutter
  • a rigid blue wire of 1,5mm²
  • two rigid orange wires of 1,5mm²
  • NodOn roller shutter module

Step 1: install your module safely

Before starting the installation of your NodOn roller shutter module, be careful to cut the power supply to avoid electric chock!

To start, disassemble the wired wall switch which control your motorized shutter. For more safety, use a multimeter and make sure the power supply is cut before cable the module.

Step 2: ready… set, cable!

Begin by cable the phase at input L of the module (which you will get back from the wire).


Use the rigid blue wire of 1,5 mm² to connect the neutral to the module, by using a terminal block. Cable it on the input N of the module,


Use a rigid orange wire of 1,5 mm² to connect it to the wall switch which controls the rise of the shutter, on the Input I▲ on the module. Also cable the wire which controls the rise of your motorized shutter on the Output S▲ of the module.

To finish, cable the second rigid orange wire of 1,5 mm² from the button of the wired wall switch which controls the descent of your shutter to the Input I▼.

Finally, cable the wire which controls the descent of your motorized shutter to the Output S▼ of the module. You have just ended with success the wiring of your module!

Step 3: reassemble the wall switch

A last step before enjoying your new product… you just have to reassemble your wired wall switch like it was before!

Step 4: Calibrate, and it is done!

Once your module is installed, you will just have to launch its calibration. To do so, 2 options:

  1. Directly from your module under power supply

Do 5 consecutive brief presses on your module, the LED will glow in green indicating that the calibration has well started.

2. From your motorized shutter switch

Put your shutter in high position, and do 3 times the sequence “Up – Stop” with your switch.

The shutter does a cycle up/down/up. If the cycle is reversed, it will be necessary to switch the wiring of S▲ and S▼.

There it is, the installation procedure of your Roller Shutter Relay Switch is over! You can now add a new controller (wireless and battery-less wall switch or remote) to control your motorized shutter.

Even if the module has newly join our range, it can automatically be controlled by an EnOcean compatible smart home hub (complete list to find in our website), to launch scenarios or simulate your presence when you are away.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions related to its installation or use.