enocean protocol

The wireless and battery-less protocol


All our EnOcean products (controllers and sensors) are wireless and battery-less, and harvest its energy from the environment

Easy installation

Wireless, battery-less: The comfort and the reliability of a wired installation, with the simplicity of wireless

Interoperable protocol

Our EnOcean products are compatible with all the EnOcean products registered by the Alliance, whoever is the manufacturer

Approved technology

With millions of devices installed around the world, EnOcean protocol is a well tried and approved technology

About EnOcean

EnOcean is revolutionizing IoT, by creating the world 1st wireless protocol, which is capable to work with that small energy, that even a battery becomes obsolete! Based on natural energy harvesting physical principles (magneto-resistivity, photovoltaic, Pelletier effect, etc.), EnOcean products harvest the needed energy from their environments: Movement of a rocker, lightning of a solar panel, heat variation into a heater valve, everything is possible! Battery changing and maintenance belong to the past. With EnOcean, enjoy the flexibility of wireless, without the hassle of maintenance.

EnOcean protocol is now defined by the new ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 standard, which makes it the first energy harvesting wireless protocol owning its international ISO standard.

Why choosing EnOcean  products from NodOn?

Because technology is not doing everything, NodOn took advantage of the breakthrough innovation of the EnOcean protocol, to build user friendly, reliable and nice looking products. After all, what you see is not the technology, but the product itself.

Using EnOcean energy harvesting technology as a framework, NodOn products differentiate themselves through contemporary designs and innovative functionalities, in order to bring this breathtaking technology into the consumer electronic world.

And you know what? We propose them at a decent price to make sure you will love them.
NodOn is the brand bringing EnOcean products directly to end-user.

EnOcean Alliance

NodOn is an active member of the EnOcean Alliance since its early stage in 2013. We contribute to the Alliance all around the world, making sure people are aware about the EnOcean protocol and technology, from France to China, through Las Vegas.

EnOcean products