enocean protocol

Wireless mesh low energy protocol

Interrogeable IP  solution

This technology allows products to communicate between them and with the cloud. Thread is a radio protocol with multiple applicative layers, which integrates itself in different ecosystems.

Secured and reliable

Only authorized products can join Thread ecosystem. It ensures users a secured, reliable and encrypted network.

Low-energy consumption

No need to refill or change batteries of the products regularly, this radio protocol consumes low energy.

Simple connectivity

No bridge needed! Thread products connect directly to each other or directly to internet, going through the IPv6 protocol.

About Thread®

Thread is a wireless mesh protocol low energy consumption, which is based on the universal Internet Protocol (IP). It works on the radio standard IEEE 802.15.4, with a very low energy consumption and low latency. It is part of open and well-known standards like Bluetooth or EnOcean.

This radio protocol allows a fluent communication between devices, which communicates between each other or with the cloud, to connect hundreds (or thousands) of products, and this in reliable and secured way.

Thread networks are simple to set up and use. They don’t have default points and can be reconfigured as soon as a product is added or removed from the network.

Thread advantage: be based on IP

From our internet router, going through our smartphone or all connections beyond the world, the Internet Protocol (IP) is the protocol which today allows products to communicate together, whatever the technology.

Thread allows wireless products with low energy consumption to connect to IP. Connections between devices in smart home or building are multiplying, they connect to smartphones, tablets and computers which control Thread network. Thread products don’t need proprietary gateways to connect to other products, they are interoperable. The advantage: reduced needs in infrastructures and reduced investments, less potential failure points and less maintenance.

No need to have Thread on your smartphone to connect to your products, because those devices are using the same IP network. It facilitates products connections to personal objects such as smartphone or tablets. Products using other technologies can interact with Thread products through a hub or a home automation gateway.

Thread answers the challenge of interoperability in the IoT

Thread, combined to other IP networks dedicated to IoT, can communicate with different cloud while simultaneously working with other applicative layers such as Dotdot, LWM2M, OCF, or Weave. Thread doesn’t need an additional hardware or software, it is a time and money saving for developers, which offer users a low energy consumption solution at a reasonable cost. Many use cases, many products and many clouds… all of this with one network, and without hub!

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