Aruba System partner

Aruba Networks, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, specializes in network solutions. It provides connectivity and security solutions for enterprise networks.

Aruba’s key service areas include IoT (Internet of Things), and in particular connectivity and security for IoT devices in enterprise environments.

Its solutions enable organizations to deploy and manage “Smart Spaces” based on secure networks and a wide range of IoT devices such as sensors, actuators, cameras, tracking devices and other smart appliances.

NodOn works closely with Aruba on Smart Building projects, offering its know-how in this field, as well as its range of EnOcean devices.

To use NodOn’s EnOcean devices in Smart Buildings equipped with Aruba access, you need to:

  • Equip the Aruba access with an EnOcean dongle.
  • Deploy a back-end solution (software) that receives frames from EnOcean devices and transforms them into data that can be understood by building management systems (BMS).

Solutions recommended by NodOn :

NodOn recommends the following solutions for use with Aruba access points