Each problem has its solution! At NodOn, we bring the best of technology to fit your everyday needs. Discover 5 problems that you may already encounter, and that the In-Wall Module can easily solve, with speed and efficiency at a low cost.

  • A wall switch is missing in my room…

That’s when you leave in a house that you realize your wall switches aren’t at the right place. Whether you are on rental or owner of your house, you don’t always want to drill your wall, make sealant and new painting to install a new wall switch, which will be very useful on a daily basis.

With NodOn In Wall Module, no need to be an electricity genius: you can add this so missed wall switch without any construction work! Another advantage: you can move it whenever you want.

  • I want to add a wall switch on my brick/stone wall 

Whether you have a beautiful stone wall or a bearing brick wall, adding a wall switch is not always easy to do… With NodOn In Wall Module, no cables are needed!

  • I want to create a new room

If you create a new room, it means you will have to create new walls, and connect your wall switch to light into those new walls. Not very easy to do so!

With NodOn In Wall Module, you just have to put your new wall switches on your new walls!

  • My wall switch is at the bottom of my stairs 

This situation can cause you trouble when you forget to turn your lights off and that you are upstairs, and can be dangerous is you try to turn the lights off when you climb stairs. With NodOn In Wall Module, you can create your toggle switch in a few minutes!


  • I would like to have a unique wall switch to turn all my lights off when I leave home

When you want to do this, you usely have to add a gateway to your installation or remake your wiring.

With NodOn In Wall Module behind every light points, you can add your new wall switch very fast without no other equipments!

So many situations that we often meet and which find a simple solution with NodOn!

If you need more details, please read our tutorial about the In Wall Module.