enocean protocol

The pioneer protocol,
now powering your smart home

The most famous Wireless protocol

On the market for more than 15 years, WiFi® is a technical and marketing guarantee for every single user


WiFi® is everywhere. No need of an additional Smart Home hub, your products connect directly to the cloud, and can be controlled anywhere on the planet


NodOn takes very seriously the security matters around IoT, especially while using WiFi® technology. We’re talking serious here


Taking advantage of its direct connection to the Cloud, WiFi® offers multiple possibilities in terms of products and features

About WiFi®

Created in 1999, WiFi® is considered as the pioneer of the modern wireless communication media. Widely spread all around the world, WiFi® supports and huge part of the International data transfer, embedded in multiple type of devices, from personal computer to Smartphones. Lately, WiFi® has proved that it is a perfect candidate to connect IoT: Direct access to the cloud, Security, worldwide coverage, etc…

With billions IoT devices around the wolrd, and the support of hundred of IoT plateforms and framworks, WiFi® wireless protocol is considered has one of the biggest IoT market enabling technology.

WiFi®, but not only

WiFi® is just a way to transport data from Point A to Point B. To make sure our users will enjoy using NodOn, we build products compatible with 3rd part platforms, such as Apple HomeKit, to integrate NodOn into your smart home ecosystem.

Our expertise – your product

You are an industrial, and you’re looking for a WiFi® IoT product?

More than proposing out of the box products, we developed proof of concept, development platform and expertise which can be adapted to your project, to your own product.
Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can use this well-known technology to build your product and answer your market need.