Today we provide you a little tutorial to use a Z-Wave NodOn remote controller with a SmartThings Hub. This one is working for our NodOn Octan Remote, NodOn Soft Remote and NodOn Wall Switch.

First of all, you need to connect to your SmartThings Platform using any web browser.

In here, it is important to first go in “My Location” tab and check you are correctly localized in the correct Time Zone.
Then you have to select “My Device Handlers” and “Add one”.

Now you just have to write a code corresponding to the device you want to use.

Don’t be affraid, one of our team member has done the job for you! You just have to copy/paste the code from his GitHub in « From Code » tab and finish by clicking on « publish » button.

Once done, reload your app on the smartphone and make an inclusion as described in the user guide (note that the process is the same for all our remotes):

  • Hold buttons 1+2 until the Led blinks in Purple
  • Press button 1
  • Wait until you get a double green Led meaning the process has well been proceed.

You will then get your NodOn remotes recognized into the app as shown below:

If you want to run a scene then, you’ll have to use a “SmartApp” that you can find out in the marketplace:

You can use the smartapp “Button Controller” and select the devices you want to control using the remote:

Feel free to ask in comment if you need any further information, if not… just enjoy :-)