The needs

  • Control a BY-PASS system to optimize the thermal comfort with a VMI® ventilation.
  • Wall switches customization to identify VMI® brand.
  • Make energy savings thanks to a smart system, easy to install in renovation.
système de ventilation BY-PASS
ventilation VMI

The solution

A switch with customized buttons (hot air, cold air) coupled with a two-channel relay switch module.

  • No need to wire cables to install switches
  • Accessible and simple set-up
  • Battery-free wall switch: no need to change batteries, no maintenance
  • EnOcean interoperability: possible evolution of the installation for an intelligent and autonomous ventilation system

Products installed

151 ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switches

151 Customized wall switches – wireless and battery-free


“We chose to collaborate with NodOn because they offered the ideal solution for our project with the added possibility of customizing the switch. We chose EnOcean technology because of the ease of installation of the module, and the battery-free and autonomous nature of the switch thanks to the Energy Harvesting technology. This is a comfort for our installer customers and for the users of our systems.
Simon BERTIN, Digital technologies product manager – VMI® Technologies