The needs

  • A lighting management per offices poles in the open space, to improve employees comfort.
  • Be able to turn all the lights in the open space ON/OFF while keeping the previous configuration.
  • A smart and autonomous meeting rooms lighting management, to make energy savings.
  • A flexible installation for any offices rearrangements.

The solution

The installation of EnOcean ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switches, Motion Sensors and wireless battery-less controllers.

  • Quick installation of the relay switches on existing lightings: no construction works or wires
  • Keep the existing wall switches
  • Wireless flexibility
  • Battery-less controllers: no refill or maintenance needed
  • Remote commissioning: pairing the relay switches and the controllers through a gateway before going on the field, for a maximum time saving and flexibility

Key figures

ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switches
Wireless and battery-less controllers
Motion Sensors


“We have allocated each remote to an offices pole thanks to remote commissioning through the gateway. When rearranging offices today, we see that it brings a lot more flexibility.

We also have easily installed motion sensors in meeting rooms, with a wireless and battery-less wall switch. We automate everything while keeping a local control, and we can still do much better! It is the real plus of a flexible and connected solution.”

Nicolas THIERS, Embedded Electronics Engineer - Altyor
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