The needs

  • Improve comfort and seniors autonomy.
  • Being alerted in case of anomalies, malfunctions or a fall in the housing.
  • Manage the dwelling intelligently and by voice: lighting, shutters, leak and fire detection, …
  • A flexible and interoperable installation to be able to easily integrate new devices.

The solution

Installation of Roller Shutter Relay Switches, ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switches, Motion Sensors and wireless and battery-free EnOcean controllers.

  • Anticipation of installation, simplicity and modularity
  • No need to wire cables to install switches
  • Wireless flexibility
  • Battery-free controllers: no need to change batteries, no maintenance
  • Create a complete interoperable ecosystem, which can integrates other RF protocols thanks to the home automation gateway

Products installed


“We have created a technological showcase of what smart solutions can do to improve seniors autonomy and comfort. Beyond home automation, it is possible to anticipate and being informed in case of an anomaly or a fall.

We have thought housings according to seniors needs, they can also evoluate according to the handicap, and this thanks to radio battery-free devices.”

Martial VUILLEMIN, CEO – Immotique-Solutions