« Camille, could you shut down the shutter to avoid a sun’s light  on the board please?» « Don’t forget to close the shutter when you go out of the classroom passed 5 pm »

Those mythic sentences are probably known from most of you, former pupils, schoolboys and schoolgirls, or students.

True rampart made in wood or plastic, sometimes of steel, rolling or folding, the shutter’s aim is to avoid a too high brightness, or a badly broadcasted heating to be spreaded outside.
When we see it, it’s the guardian of our sleep, when we don’t, it defends our house. But let’s talk about its main use case.

Integrated in building management, roller shutters are sometimes a waste of time and causes frustration, because of a lack of desire to close them for example.
We can also think of physical feat: turning as faster as you can the stick to shut down the shutter, to gain time to assist to a projection. 

Think about service agents too, walking through classrooms and checking it carefully for cleaning, and closing all the forgotten roller shutters.


NodOn develops a smart solution for making roller shutters management easier


Our engineers were looking for an efficient solution to optimize the closing of roller shutters, and has created the Roller Shutter Relay Switch in EnOcean, connected and easy to set up on the existent equipment.

More than having a low cost set up, it allows to remotely control your shutters. Integrated in a home automation system, it allows a central management, and realization of simultaneous actions on an equipment, like closing all the roller shutters of a room at a time set.
Energy savings are one of this module stakes, because of centralization of shuttes opening and closing, the control of the heating will be better (less loss of heat).

Because of its very compact size and the inclusion in an environment, connected or not, the Roller Shutter Relay Switch allows to avoid redevelopment works, and painting or wall repair for example. Radio, it is easy to set up on an already existing equipment.
This advantage allows to remotely control the roller shutter, from everywhere.

Finally, the EnOcean technology, because of its wireless and battery-less system, allows some maintenance savings, in addition of energy savings.


The state of Givors High School (69)


Faced to the matters of centralization of shutters closing, to energy savings, and security, the building has plenty of needs. They have to be solved thanks to effective and efficient solutions, because of the important frequentation of the school, and the optimization of employee’s time.

In fact, the staff didn’t have time, or the reflex, to manually close the shutters after the classroom session, or at the end of the day. It brought a heat loss in winter, and revealed a security breach in the building.

A solution with lot of benefits


The state and the analysis of this situation by a Smart Home integrator sets the sentence: Givors High School had a great equipment need:

45 home automation gateways to allow shutters central management of the shutters, 607 Roller Shutters Modules in order to automate them, and 158 wireless controllers (our EnOcean switches) were settled.
Concretely, its need was focused on motorized and connected roller shutters, for thermal, convenient and security reasons. A checkpoint of each classrooms, a wireless and battery-less switch, were settled too, to manage the roller shutters.

According to us, making our customers life easier means to propose them an easy and fast set up and application; the remote comissionning used by the Smart Home integrator during our products installation, provided him, thanks to our modules pre-program, an important time saving before the project.

Works were minimal and ended really fast (during school holidays).

The benefits for the school were: energy savings, increase of security, and the guarantee to benefit an automatic or remote shutters management.


Partners on the same wavelength


Thanks the help of our partners REXEL, Cross SAS, and Ubiant, the Rhône school’s project has been achieved, and gave the expected results. A collaboration as rich for the parteners than the users, as Matthieu Labriccosia, site supervisor at Cross, told us.

« The installation of the modules with the remote commissioning allowed us a considerable time savings on site, it is a real advantage to be able to prepare the installation upstream of the project. »

This successful cooperative work will allow us to work again with our current partners, but also to create collaborations with future associates.


Find here more about our Roller Shutter Relay Switch to connect your shutters and your curtains!