NodOn joins the SmartThings ecosystem with its Zigbee range.

What is SmartThings?

SmartThings is an application from Samsung that allows you to control – directly from a smartphone or tablet – your home’s appliances and any other compatible electronic device.
The ecosystem is already compatible with hundreds of brands, making it one of the most open on the market.

Another successful integration for NodOn

NodOn joins SmartThings with its Zigbee range.
Thanks to its integration in Samsung’s application, NodOn has officially joined the list of major brands that support it.

Multifunction module

Thanks to its dry contact output, it can be adapted to uses such as garage door opening, gate opening, boiler control, etc.
The Zigbee Multifunction Relay Switch can be set to pulse mode, allowing it to simulate a push button.

Roller shutter module

Compatible with all wired motorisations on the market*, the module can be easily integrated into any installation.
The Zigbee roller shutter module offers a status feedback in the SmartThings application allowing you to visualize in real time the position of your roller shutter.

*except for Bubendorff

Lighting module

Thanks to its 2 inputs and 2 outputs, the module can control 2 lighting zones.
The lightning module integrates a zero crossing system, which allows it to be connected to any type of lighting while ensuring an increased life span.

You can find our tutorials for quick and easy pairing of our modules in SmartThings on our YouTube channel.

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