FIBARO has just updated their firmware for HC 2 and HC Lite !

This is a great news because V4.070 bring the support of Central Scenes that is really more reliable for devices like remote controls.

Few days after the launch of this new upgrade, the firm brought a new beta V4.071 and our Octan Remote is now fully supported.

We wanted to test this new feature and due to the request from many users asking how to use their remote control with a dimmer, the tutorial here below will be helpfull to set the device.

We have done the test with a Dimmer Mini-Plug from EVERSPRING (ref AD147-6) and our famous Octan Remote:


First, we have included the Mini-Plug as described in the user manual:

Tuto Fibaro 1

Then, in “Devices” section, we have added the Octan Remote  as followed:

Tuto Fibaro 22

The gateway is now ready, for the inclusion of the Octan Remote.

Make a long press on buttons “Plus and Plain Circle” until the LED blinks in purple:


Then make a single press on the plain circle. After few seconds, the LED will blink in Green twice (that mean the inclusion have worked).


The remote is now well added to your Fibaro system. In this example, we want to use buttons “Plus” and “Minus” to dim up or down our lamp. So you need to go in “advanced menu” of the remote:

Tuto Fibaro 33

You will have to set up a “group association”:


You can add your Plug to Group 6 to use buttons 1 and 3 as dimming command or group 7 to use buttons 2 and 4 (our case).

Tuto Fibaro 4

Make sure you have correctly saved your setup.

Now, we need to set buttons 2 and 3 (Plus and Minus) as DUO profile.

Return to “Advanced” settings of the Remote control and at the bottom, “Add Parameter” section:

tuto Fibaro 5

You’ll need to change parameter 2 to value 2 (or you can change parameter 1 to value 2 if you want to use buttons 1 and 3 instead of buttons 2 and 4).

Please press shortly any button of the remote during the “Saving” process.

It can take one or two minutes to apply the parameters but it now works.