The new Micro Smart Plug Z-Wave® by NodOn is a very innovative product, with discreet curves and remarkable design. Discover all its strengths on this article.

A unique design

NodOn Micro Smart Plug is a switch for your electrical appliances which monitors their power consumption. This little adapter will have no problem to discreetly interleave between your device and your wall outlet.

Magnified by one of its 5 color rings, it will easily blend into your interior.


A great product

The Micro Smart Plug succeeded all the certification tests, which makes it the smallest certified Smart Plug in the world!

Our Micro Smart Plug was created to provide you an absolute measurement precision. You can measure your devices consumption when it is plugged in, control it remotely, and being notified in case of unusual consumption (which suggests a breakdown).



Monitor your devices activity

Thanks to the Micro Smart Plug, you can monitor your devices activity (TV, game console…) and automate a actions (automatically close the shutters if the TV is on during the day, send you a notification when your washer program is over…).


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