Here we are, our new Bluetooth Smart Button is now available !

As a reminder, the smart button NIU® is linked to your smartphone and can be configured with his dedicated app.

NIU® is a real shortcut to your apps and can trigger many actions keeping your smartphone in your pocket or in your bag only by pressing on it: simple press, double press or long press.

DeskView basse résolution

You can launch local actions like :

– Run a fake call

– Remote the camera

– Remote the audio record

– Remote the video record

– Run a ring to find your phone (even in silent mode)

And many new more actions are arriving like save your location, music control, snooze the alarm…

If NIU Then

You can also trig an action on IFTTT!

NIU® has his dedicated channel and can interact with hundreds services and branded devices with only one click like :

– Send a predefined email (to parents when children are back home for example)

– Adjust temperature on Nest or Netatmo thermostat

– Change a Philips HUE color

And many more !

NIU® is available in six colors and you can order it right now on