NIU® is an elegant Smart Button, connected to your Smartphone using BLE technology. It is a shortcut to your Smartphone, capable to launch multiple actions without pulling out your Smartphone from your pocket or your bag, by simply clicking on it: Single Press, Double Press, Long Press, are all what you need!
These actions can be:

1. Local Smartphone actions:

– Remote selfie trigger
– fake call trigger, to get out an inconvenient situation
– Remote Audio Memo trigger
– Remote video trigger

And many more coming actions, such as pinpoint a location just by pressing NIU, Control your Music, Snooze your alarm, gaming, Notifications, etc…

2. Third party services and devices, through IFTTT platform (

NIU has its dedicated IFTTT Channel, allowing to use NIU to control almost everything, as simple as a click

– Send a pre-defined email to parents to inform kids are safe and home
– Adjust a comfort temperature through a Nest or Netatmo Thermostat
– Start a special light atmosphere with Philips HUE
– Control a Home Automation gateway like SmartThings

There is so much way to use NIU®, that the only limit is your imagination!

NIU® is available in 6 colors, and delivered with a dedicated Smartphone holder, to assist you during your selfies :).
You can find more information about NIU here: