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Home Automation bynodon

The Home automation uses are countless. At NodOn®, we always design products with multiple and upgradable uses.
home automation comfort


We believe in strong synergies between energy savings and wellbeing. Our outlook of Smart Home is to be able to control more to save more, without degrading your comfort and wellbeing. And who knows, why not improving it?

home automation energy savings

Energy savings

By connecting NodOn® products / modules on your existing appliances (lights, HVAC, home appliances, etc…) you can monitor your energy consumption and then act on it. As a game with your family (“who will save the most energy this month?”), or through intelligent scenarios

home automation security


Your home should always be the most confident and safe place on earth, as a little nest for you and your family. Using NodOn® products, you combine home control with non-intrusive security system. Safe and relax.

Our products are user friendly

nodon's added value

Our motivation is to give access the home control and automation to everybody, through nice designed and well-priced devices.
Design Smart Home device


In NodOn®, design is our first concern. Smart home devices will take place into our houses, they must fit into it!
Our industrial design team always works to provide contemporary designs, using nice material and finishing, while always thinking about your needs and use cases.
Our goal is to propose the perfect mix between convenience, discretion and modernity. Our products have already been awarded by several designs awards, such as French famous “Observeur de Design” and “Janus de l’Industrie”

reliable Smart home device


Our products are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured by us, in our own design houses and factories. Our engineers focus on innovation, but always by associating it with reliability.
We proposed high-end products, with strong quality concerns, which are all guarantee for at least 2 years.
Our customer service will always be here and available to listen and reply to your questions, concerns, issues and advises. We do believe that we can build the house of tomorrow together

affordable Smart Home device


Proposing nice technologies and well-designed products is nothing if it is overpriced.
Our policy is (and will always be) to give access to home automation to everybody. Our world is surrounded with so much breathtaking technologies, our motivation is to democratize them, and bring them to you.
NodOn® will always work hard to propose affordable, plug and play and easy to use products.

recompense nodon mention codesign prix innovation medpi 2014 label observateur design


nodonwireless Protocols

At NodOn®, we do believe in wireless and interoperability. That’s why we propose products using home automation wireless standard protocols.
Enocean Wireless


Nodon for enocean wireless

EnOcean® is the perfect alliance between standard wireless radio protocol, and energy harvesting. Who wants to change batteries in all switches or sensors every year? EnOcean® based product avoid you this task: All NodOn®’s EnOcean® products are fully interoperable and without batteries - Energy directly comes from its environment! (Movement of a rocker, light from the sun)

wireless z-wave


Wireless Z-wave for Nodon

Z-Wave® is THE worldwide wireless interoperable protocol for Smart Home applications. With an available ecosystem of more than 700 products, Z-Wave® products cover all your needs. Our NodOn®’s Z-Wave® products are all compliant with the brand new Z-Wave+® standard, which brings you better radio performance, lower power consumption and always the most reliable mesh network for your home.

wireless protocol


Smart Home is emerging, with no dedicated protocol until now. Our marketing and engineering team is aware of the market, and we will always propose devices using the most adopted and innovative wireless solutions. We currently have team taking a close look to ZigBee®, Thread®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, and many other wireless technologies that can be our smart home wireless standard tomorrow.


Our Products

NIU, the IFTTT compliant smart button by Nodon

The smart button NIU allows you to interact your smart home (alarm, thermostat ...) via IFTTT or to use the functions integrated into the app MyNIU.

Simgle Press

Double Press

Long Press

Stay tuned!

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